Addressing the Root-Cause of Autoimmune Conditions


Ingredients and Definitions


Each capsule of DigestaCure® contains 500mg of concentrated immune modulating components.


DigestaCure® is a concentrated extract of long-chain immune modulating components from a cultured 20th generation Aloe botanical (No genetic manipulation) which has been bred to produce modulating components in high quality and quantity. DigestaCure contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton.


What is an Immune Modulator, and what is a Dalton?

An immune modulator is a natural, plant-derived microscopic structure designed by nature for the support and restoration of the immune systems in mammals. For the last 70 years, through procedures designed for profits, the food industry has unintentionally yet progressively depleted the immune modulating components from the food supply. This depletion is directly correlated to the rise of autoimmune conditions. Each capsule of DigestaCure® contains 500mg of pure, concentrated immune modulating components, for the restoration of immunity and elimination of autoimmunity.


A “Dalton” is a unit of molecular weight dictating chain length of the microscopic structure. The scientific community has defined structures of One Million Dalton and higher as “Immune Modulators” or “Healing Orchestrator's.” DigestaCure® contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton. See Dalton Chart here.


DigestaCure® is Not a drug. DigestaCure is a natural food material, classified as “The perfect food for the immune system.” With DigestaCure®, there are No side effects and No reactions with medications. There are No Contraindications of any type. DigestaCure® may be taken anytime, with or without food, medications, or supplements.


Note: This product IS NOT “Aloe Vera” as most understand Aloe. Under any independent size-exclusion laboratory analysis, All processed Aloe vera products prove to be short-chain molecular material. Processed Aloe juices, gels, and powders will not eliminate the autoimmune attack on the body.


DigestaCure® is 100% pure and 100% natural, with no negative side effects. It is completely non-toxic. DigestaCure contains No yeast, No corn, No wheat, No Gluten, No soy, No dairy, No fillers, No preservatives, No animal products, No Latex, No Aloin, and is suitable for vegetarians. The capsule is a certified kosher vegetable based "veggie cap." (No Gelatin)


INGREDIENTS: (Earthly Definition)

A proprietary blend of Immune Modulating Components consisting of:

Stabilized long-chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules

stabilized mannose molecules

stabilized glucomannans

stabilized glucopolymannans

stabilized medium and short chain polysaccharides

stabilized mucopolysaccharides

stabilized glycoproteins

stabilized glycolipids

Also contains trace amounts of natural plant minerals.


Also read INGREDIENTS: (Heavenly Definition).


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Understanding what we do, and what we do not do:

  • We are focused on the restoration of proper immune function and balance.
  • We make every effort with each and every individual case. We provide a potent product, and a five-day-per-week support team which provides research facts, product direction, and valuable information and feedback from our customer's personal experiences and those of our own during the healing process..
  • We do not waste your time. We do not chase or treat diseases, conditions, or symptoms. Our focus is the root-cause of autoimmune conditions: the misfiring immune system. Diseases, conditions, and symptoms are merely the results of the root-cause. Mainstream and independent research alike demonstrates that when the autoimmune attack subsides, so do the symptoms and conditions. This fact is additionally validated by thousands of user progress reports.
  • We do not give medical advice, treat, or diagnose diseases. Should one wish to attempt to chase diseases while the root cause rages, consult a licensed disease-industry health care provider for advice and treatment.
  • Individual conditions and subsequently individual results may vary widely in regard to time frames and overall experience. Please note: We are fully aware of the effectiveness of our product, and we purposely make no claims, healing promises or guarantees to any individual.

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The Book that Changed the Face of Healthcare


Dr. Ronald P. Drucker explains the healing modes of DigestaCure, and why the medical industry will not train or permit the physician to heal autoimmune conditions.

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 to our employee Flavianny Nassimbeni for being crowned ...

Flavianny came to us for help in the fall of 2012 with a chronic case of autoimmune digestive

dysfunction which had rendered her bed-ridden for most of her days over a period of 3 years.

By the turn of the year 2013, she was back in the gym training for the Miss Brazil USA

pageant, which was held in Orlando Florida on November 15th 2014. Flavianny’s story of

healing and recovery is an extraordinary inspiration for millions suffering with autoimmune

conditions.  Flavianny is currently in charge of the Pristine Practitioner Division.