14 Years of Research and Development has yielded:

The Success Rate:
Our case by case success rate is unmatched in any of the healing industries. We receive written success reports directly from our users demonstrating a 19 out of 20 success rate for those who take the product 4 months and longer. We make no unsubstantiated claims. We allow the reports from the users to speak for themselves.
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How Digestacure Works:
Our focus is the elimination of the root-cause of all Autoimmune Conditions including Acid Reflux (Gerd), Hiatal Hernia and Barrett’s Esophagus: (the misfiring, attacking mode of a struggling immune system). We do not target symptoms superficially as drugs and supplements do. Simply by replacing the natural immune modulating agents which have been depleted from the modern-day food supply, immunity may restore proper function and autoimmunity may dissipate. Read more >>

The Product:
The product we produce is DigestaCure. We address the Two Primary Systems of the body; The Immune System and the Digestive Tract. DigestaCure is classified as a food material containing No chemicals, No drugs, and exhibiting No side-effects. The Product is a 500mg capsule with pure, natural, concentrated immune modulators in powder form inside. It may be taken in capsule form or mixed with liquid and swallowed. See Directions for usage here >>

Have you been told that your disease is incurable?
The Bottom Line: “The modern-day medical system will not train or permit the medical doctor (the MD) to address and conquer Autoimmunity (the root cause), responsible for over 100 autoimmune conditions including Acid Reflux (Gerd), Hiatal Hernia, and Barrett’s Esophagus. The doctors are permitted to treat symptoms only. The root-cause, Autoimmunity, has become the “Protected Golden Goose” of the industry responsible for 85% of the revenue collected by the medical/pharmaceutical complex in total. If you would prefer Effective Root-Cause Healing read on, for the restoration of proper immune response and digestive function is indeed the answer and has been accomplished by hundreds of thousands to date.” Read what the people are saying >>

How can one product address so many conditions?
We do not address or treat conditions or symptoms. We address only the root-cause of All autoimmune conditions, the misfiring Immune System; Autoimmunity. Progress reports illustrate, and examinations confirm that as the Immune System restores to proper function, the misfiring attack of autoimmunity (the root-cause) is progressively eliminated. Read what the people are saying >>

The Support System: 1-888-671-2873
We offer a five-day-per-week support system where users may call and speak to highly informed product specialists whose function is to shorten the healing time frame of the user. Communication during the healing process is highly advantageous to the user. Product Specialists can provide information, tips, and adjustments when necessary, help avoid mistakes, and save you time pain and money. The Support System is free when you enter the healing program.

Acid Reflux (Gerd), Hiatal Hernia and Barrett’s Esophagus

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Additional Reading:
“What Caused my Autoimmune Disease, and what is the Successful Path Back to Health?” >>
What is DigestaCure made of? >>
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The Book:
Dr. Ronald P. Drucker explains the healing modes of DigestaCure, and why the medical industry will not train or permit the physician to heal autoimmune conditions.

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Contact Us:
Product Specialists are available for discussion: Monday thru Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm, EST.

Our Telephone Order Desk is open 5 days per week: 9:00am to 5:00pm (closed on Saturdays and Sunday), EST.

Our On-line Order Form is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week: Order Online >>

Our print and mail, or fax order form is here: Mail or Fax Order Form >>

Messages may be left after hours as well: 1-888-671-2873 (Toll Free within the U.S)

International Calls: (954) 320-7520

E-mail correspondence: customerservice@digestaqure.com

Mailing Address:
Pristine Nutraceuticals, LLC.,
2805 East Oakland Park Blvd. #419
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306

Autoimmune Symptoms: (For those NOT currently taking DigestaCure.)
Check the box beside all symptoms you are experiencing and click the submit button below for analysis.

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Licensed Health Care Practitioners:
Anyone may purchase DigestaCure without a prescription by calling 1-888-671-2873 or using the secure order form on this site. Licensed health care practitioners may open an account to carry wholesale in office, by faxing a current copy of your practitioners license to: 954-320-7547 and by calling 1-888-671-2873.

Notice to Existing Users:
We are implementing multiple new manufacturing and production lines to meet increasing demands. Although we anticipate no immediate shortages, it is advisable to re-order your capsules in advance of your immediate needs. In the event of unforeseeable future shortages, customers will be prioritized or “grandfathered” by initial order date.

A Notice to All of Our Customers:
We are experiencing exponential growth and currently servicing thousands of customers by phone weekly, therefore, please help us keep phone calls concise and to the point. Please have your questions and information ready when you call. It is possible that lines may be busy when you call. Should this occur, be certain to leave a message with basic details of your condition, and a product specialist will contact you within 24 hours. We strive to insure that no one is left behind.

Progress submission reports:

I consider myself so lucky I found Digestacure. It has cured the horrible reflux I have suffered for years. I cannot believe it. I had seen many doctors who did not help me at all. They did not have a clue. I had awful tests and doctor visits. I am 88 yrs old I drive and shop alone. I met a couple both 70 and told them about Digestacure. I said I am giving you jewels here. I could not believe my cardiologist wrote Digestacure on his notes when most Ignore a natural aid. My enthusiasm convinced these people and I am so happy for them. Your staff has been wonderful and I will always use this product. Thank you for a new life!

Catherine Anton

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