Question: Is Pristine Nutraceuticals a member of the "Better Business Bureau?" (BBB)

Answer: In regard to the BBB:

Our Non-association is a Strict matter of Principle.

Pristine Nutraceutical operates on a level of business ethics and morals which are clearly far superior to those required by the BBB for membership, thus, Pristine Nutraceutical by choice will not "join the crowd," for many in the crowd are operating in a deplorable manor, unworthy of association:

The BBB is Not a government agency. It is a fee-based organization which allows private companies and corporations who are "members," to display the BBB logo and receive an "A rating", once again,for a Fee.

Pharmaceutical companies who market drugs which reportedly kill and injure many thousands of people annually, are permitted to display the BBB Logo, as if they are concerned with, and/or conducting "better business." It would seem that as long as the drug is "approved for marketing" then the resulting deaths and injuries are considered just Ok by the BBB? Is it "good business practice" to continue promoting the drug and Logo while deaths and injuries are occurring, as long as the fees are collected? How many deaths would be required before the practices would be considered bad business? Does it require massive public outcry, class action lawsuits, and a government recall of the drug before a company falls into the "very bad business" category and is dropped from the Bureau? Additionally, once a drug has been pulled from the market due to deaths and injuries, why does the drug company responsible, retain BBB status while marketing the next toxic test upon the public?

A very interesting perspective indeed, but we are not impressed.

We have entered an era where things are often no longer what they seem. The public has been conditioned to think in certain manners, rely on certain "organizations," and for the most part, to follow suit. More often than not, and certainly in the area of healing, an individual may be in dire need of an education in regard to who is running "the system":

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